Our flagship process is to develop ‘C’ executives who habitually lead with a repertoire of thinking modes for optimal innovative solutions

The process starts with
  • An assessment of the executive’s brain dominance thinking to establish a baseline using professional psychometric instruments. Based on the results a customized report is generated to enhance facilitation and coaching. The assessment is repeated after the three months.
  • After this there are 2 – 2- 2 days in person sessions at the Institute where real time executive challenges are presented. Working with new modes of thinking these are applied to the challenges including thematic issues identified in reports.
  • Executives then apply their new learning to design a blue print for immediate application to their real time work in between sessions. These are monitored and evaluated with relevant coaching on site at work and online.
  • In the final 2 day session executive leadership blue print is evaluated and re - designed with an emphasis on quantum outcomes difference.

Expected Outcomes

Highly effective ‘C’ Executives who
  • Have a better understanding of themselves and preferences towards decisions they make and how affect the way they lead is affected.
  • Are intentional in getting outcomes not just results using a repertoire of thinking modes for innovation
  • build a climate and culture of innovation to accelerate exploitation of new business ideas for sustained performance.


This Executive practitioner’s forum is a 12 - day process of training, assignments and coaching spread over 3 months. This ensures long term sustainability of habitually thinking differently for optimal outcomes.



Psychometric Assessments are charged separately from workshops, ranging from the cedi equivalent of $200 to $800 per participant depending on the degree of validity, reliability and professional reporting. There are discounts for groups of 10 and more participants.


  • Michael O. Ghana

    By the time of the Dubai workshop, I was operating in 3 schools, impacting 370 students. Today Leadership Farm operates in 16 schools in 3 cities in Ghana, impacting 4,370 students every week. I’m not resting. My strategic priority is to impact 100,000 students and young people in Ghana alone by December 2018 and 1million young people across Africa by 2024.

    Dubai Difference Thinking Workshop taught me to think different and big and make a difference, I believe I’m on course to leave a footprint in the sands of time.' ​

  • Cecilia D. - Ghana

    Prior to my experience at "The Mind of The 'C' Executive" workshop in Dubai 2014, my strain of leadership was focused on the process of execution and delivery of set tasks; which served me well for a time. However, in Dubai, I was inspired to delegate more and my perspective on strategy shifted to a legacy-led leadership that is more directed at the footprints my products/services will leave, for the future.
  • Kalala I. - South Africa

    I discovered the importance of the manner in which one thinks. Difference thinking enables you to impact a whole society intentionally. Thank you for the empowering knowledge
  • Annie D. - Liberia

    The Dubai forum changed my belief to 'the sky is the limit' because ‘what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve’. I decided to respond to more Request for Proposals and have been awarded a series of consultancies as a private consultant, and on behalf of the organization. This has resulted in increased revenue for me, and the organization that I work for.I have added the word ‘quantum’ to my dictionary, and use it as often as possible. Quantum results, quantum outcome, impact, etc