About Us

Africa Institute for Executive Thinking and Innovation

A Little History

The Africa Institute For Executive Thinking And Innovation is a demand driven solution from executives in organizations. It was birthed out of the Crossbridge Consult’s series on Performance Thinking in organizations.

Executives and top management began to demand for a series for their level after experiencing the shift in the quality of thinking, decision making and solutions from managers who attended these programs.

This resulted in ‘The Mind of the ‘C’ Executive’ series which was delivered in Ghana, Dubai and Lagos from 2013 with participants from Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and South Africa.

In 2020 the Crossbridge Consult Board decided in response to the continued demand from executives to hive it off as an independent company. The Institute is exclusively dedicated to processes and differentiation of 'C' executive thinking and innovation.

A subsidiary of Crossbridge Consult

Every organization, whether small, large, public, private, non-governmental or government has the primary responsibility of functioning towards attaining optimal performance goals on a sustainable basis. With change happening so fast coupled with the new normal of covid-19 and its variants, it is mandatory that people in organizations learn to adapt very quickly with new thinking.

Leadership inspite of the urgency continues to ignore

The uncertainty of the times, increasing competition and narrowing profit margins makes that fundamental component necessary for sustained success even more imperative. However, inspite of this urgency, leadership continues to ignore the systematic and deliberate empowerment to think differently in reshaping the future of their organisations.

The challenge is not only about ‘what but also how’ to recalibrate leadership thinking when strategies that may have worked in the past have become irrelevant in these evolving times.

Executive leadership must of necessity explore different frontiers of thinking based on new scientific research. Thinking and paradigms must change to lead differently for sustained success regardless of extenuating issues and challenges.

Our Approach

Most workshops train participants on recognizing desired behaviours without taking into consideration how to sustain them over the long term. This makes organizations question the value for money benefit in training. To solve this challenge of ensuring sustainability, our approach starts with the antecedent, that is the mind, where desired behaviour is triggered and maintained over the long term.

Based on neuroscience and humanistic gestalt principles our process is highly experiential and activity based. Our maximum capacity of 16 participants per workshop is to ensure customized individual attention.

All modules are embedded in psychometric assessments, individual/group feedback and reflections, group exercises and real time case studies.

Our Solution

In 2013, under Crossbridge Consult, ‘THE ‘C’ EXECUTIVE MINDSET’ series was started in Dubai, Lagos and Abuja with impressive outcomes tracked over the years. This continued demand especially in these uncertain times has led to the formation of an independent company, the AFRICA INSTITUTE FOR EXECUTIVE THINKING AND INNOVATION (AIETI) solely dedicated to making a difference in executive thinking for quantum outcomes. To ensure sustainability, the process is interwoven with training, facilitation and coaching sessions spread over 3 months.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop executive leaders who are intentional and innovative in changing old thinking to make a quantum difference by using a repertoire of thinking modes.

Our Vision

To be the institute of choice for executive quantum thinking in Africa.

Our Values

  • Open mindedness
  • Respect for diversity
  • Acknowledge multiple realities